About HPS

The Hamsterdam Public Schools Blog is a place for reflection, scholarship, and critique of the relationship between the television series The Wire and American public education. The authors of the site watch one episode per week in common and then post individual responses about the connections they see between the episode, teaching, learning, and American public education.

Each post on this blog represents only the reflection, scholarship, critique, and opinions of the post’s author. All original work on this blog is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike license.

The authors of this site make no claim whatsoever on any of the property from The Wire held by others.

The authors of this site are educators and fans of The Wire who want to engage with the show through the lens of their profession. They are not experts on Baltimore or Baltimore City Public Schools. The authors’ work on this blog, while at times critical of American public education, shouldn’t be taken as direct commentary on Baltimore or its schools.

Certainly Baltimore educators, fans of the wire, and all those interested in transforming American public education into a more authentic and valuable endeavor should participate as they see fit. Please email Chad Sansing if you’d like to contribute more than comments to the site.

  1. Okay Chad, I’m super intrigued now. With my new job and now watching this show. I’ll be keeping an eye on things here.

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